Welcome to Wood Clinic (Cheltenham). We provide non-surgical aesthetic procedures with Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr James McDiarmid, based at Spa Medical near Cheltenham Racecourse.

Here, Mr McDiarmid also runs consultations for patients considering surgical procedures with Wood Surgery.

My treatment was fantastic from beginning to end! I am a different person in body and mind and will recommend this to anyone who was in my position. It was in fact a recommendation from one of my own clients which sent me to look into the procedure myself and I will never look back! Best investment I have ever made! Thank you so much.

T said…

James McDiarmid is amazing. I have had many procedures with him over the years and he can’t be faulted. He is easy to talk to, an amazing surgeon and you can trust him to make the best decisions in a friendly and approachable way. I would never contemplate using anyone else … he is the best.

One of our reviewers said…