Welcome to Wood Clinic (Cheltenham). We provide non-surgical aesthetic procedures with Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr James McDiarmid, based at Spa Medical near Cheltenham Racecourse.

Here, Mr McDiarmid also runs consultations for patients considering surgical procedures with Wood Surgery.

It is with great excitement I can talk about my experience at the Cheltenham Clinic. After so many visits and previous surgeries at other clinics, some up north and others in London and Bristol, I have had a great deal of experience of cosmetic surgery, some good and some totally disastrous. I have had many operations and I have used many hospitals. During my own personal journey of the glamour industry, I had never really found a brilliant surgeon . Until I met James McDiarmid at his clinic in Cheltenham. I was immediately impressed by his manner. I was not rushed at all. He gave me alternatives to think about. I then returned after thinking about things, only to find him even more helpful, taking his time to make sure I was fully informed before I left. Just a short time later I decided to go for it, and was I glad I did! Eventually, after all this time, I had found an artist, a surgeon, who really knows his craft. Desperately important to find an artist if the surgeon is giving you 10 years of your real age or more in my case. If any one is looking to invest their money in cosmetic surgery, I would honestly recommend a visit to his clinic in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Post facelift review

James McDiarmid is amazing. I have had many procedures with him over the years and he can’t be faulted. He is easy to talk to, an amazing surgeon and you can trust him to make the best decisions in a friendly and approachable way. I would never contemplate using anyone else … he is the best.

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