Post-abdominoplasty review…

I was recommended Mr McDiarmid by my GP, and whenever I have mentioned his name to other professionals, they have said nothing but good about his work and his approach.
I was quoted a price for my procedure which included everything including follow up. It seems that the procedure was more complicated than had been anticipated, but the price remained the same. I even received a phone call from the hospital a day or so after my discharge to check I was OK.
I thought it all went very well. Of course there was significant discomfort (though very little pain) for 10 days or so afterwards, but now, three months after the op, I am very pleased with the result and amazed at Mr McDiarmid’s skill in making judgement about re-shaping a body! I don’t think that it has fully sunk in for me yet how different my body is, and the difference this is going to make to my life.
I have now resumed all my previous phsical activities including jogging, power walking and going to the gym.
There have been other benefits I had not anticiapted too, like losing some weight (extra to that lost during the procedure), better posture and less backache.
I really cannot say anything negative about the whole experience.